Kinguin ARENA

Your City’s Beating Heart of Esports

Kinguin ARENA is the best place to meet with friends for a cutting-edge gaming experience.


Get access to the most advanced gaming PCs, out of the price range of most consumers.


Enjoy new and visually stunning games you wouldn’t be able to fully experience at home. On PC and consoles alike.


A variety of snacks and beverages makes Kinguin ARENA a perfect place for meetups with friends or parties.


Video game tournaments, meetings with influencers and esports teams, bootcamps, private rooms, cosplay contests, board games -- this and more awaits our guests.

Making Gaming a True Social Experience

A joint venture by the pioneers of modern gaming.

Gaming United

A joint venture by the pioneers of modern gaming.

KINGUIN is the founder of KINGUIN.NET, the first ever marketplace for digital games, currently connecting more than 8 million gamers with 6,000 merchants. It’s also the owner of Esports Performance Center, the most advanced esports facility in Europe.

LANCOM is the owner of BATTLENET.GR, a network 42 of high-end gaming venues in Greece. It’s single-handedly responsible for starting the trend of social gaming among the Greek video game fans.
  • 57 milion unique visitors in 2018
  • 4 million BattleNet visitors 2018 (in Greece alone)
  • 8 million registered customers
  • 558,000 registered BattleNet Greece customers (more than 5% of the ente population)
  • 2 million social media followers & 1 milion opted in the newsletter
  • 13,000 daily transactions combined ( and BattleNet Greece)
  • Category leading customers-service metrics (64 NPS)

2019 - 2020 Rollout


Our mission: to enhance gamers' experiences anywhere, anytime.

The People

George Nolis

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder of Battlenet Gaming Stations, the largest eSports café franchise in Greece, and Lancom LTD, the first and largest cloud service provider in Greece.

Viktor Wanli


Founder of Kinguin, the first secondary videogames marketplace to Steam with annual revenue of 90 million dollars. The brand is known to tens of millions of gaming and esports fans worldwide.

Robert Kalbarczyk


Entrepreneur experienced in telco (Vodafone), banking (Citi, RBS) and gas (AmeriGas) industries as well as the public sector. In 2018 Robert joined Kinguin as VP for Business Development and has been spearheading our expansion into esports venues globally.

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